Dental trends around the world that can be harmful for your health

4 Dental trends that can damage your teeth (Part I)

Dental trends

Today we will talk about four dental trends that can damage your teeth.

Maybe you have heard before about hair trends, or another types of fashion, for example, glitter in the hair and under the eyes, and also thick eyebrows, but what about the teeth? In this list we will tell you some of the most weird and dangerous beauty trends around the world. The canine teeth are shown slightly outward and sharp.

1. Yae Ba (canine teeth)

It is a fashion trend that comes from Japan and also practiced in South Korea, it means “double-teeth”. The technique is to twist the teeth or file them in a way that seems out of place. This aesthetic look gives and imperfect, childish, innocent and vampiric smile, and the trend is mainly followed by teenagers and young adults. This appearance is achieved by an orthodontic procedure and fang filing, with the time this produces wear, sensitivity, joint pains, bruxism, and periodontal diseases.

2. Whitening Junky

We all know that excesses and obsessions can be harmful, this happens in food, and eating disorders, and also with another obsessive compulsive habits, in this case, always whitening and cleaning your teeth. This can cause you extreme sensitivity and pain, also bleeding gums or loss of tooth enamel and dental pieces.

3. Dental Diastema

This is the name given to the space between the teeth that appear most frequently between the two incisors of the maxilla. People go to the clinics to undergo dental treatments to separate the incisor teeth. This procedure is called “gap-teeth” and the intention is to look younger and innocent, and this trend born due to many models that has distemia. It is important to mention that this trend appeared due to a rebellion female beauty standards. Actually many other beauty trends have been born, celebrating our differences.

But the disadvantages are for example: Bleeding gums, cavities, speech problems, abnormal bite, headaches, without even mentioning the jaw, ears, back, and neck pain.

4. Dental grillz


This is one of the most popular trends, many actors and especially singers have dental incrustations and materials inside their mouth.  It’s the latest dental fad, but there’s nothing good about the damage it could cause to your smile. Dental grills are a cover of a tooth made of cosmetic, metal and sometimes precious stones that hip hop artists developed in the early 1980s. Dental grills are made of gold, silver or precious stones embedded in metals. This trend has many health repercussions, for example, the grills can cause gingivitis, cavities, loss of enamel, recession of the gums, chipped teeth, and other diseases like allergies to the metal. Some famous celebrities have done this procedure, for example: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Katty Perry, Madonna and Justin Bieber.

What do you think about these trends? Would you follow them? Have you heard of them? Wait until we update a new list of this trends.

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