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5 Tips to take care of your dental implants

If you chose the dental implant procedure it’s important that you follow the recommendations that your dentist will tell you. But aside, we list 5 Tips to take care of your dental implants and a series of general guidelines and hygiene that you can follow to make your recovery easier:

  1. We suggest waiting at least 2 hours after surgery to start drinking or eating something. After completing this period, we recommend to continue with a soft diet, avoiding chewing on the intervened area.
  2. Do not rinse your mouth or spit after the procedure. Doing so can destroy the clot or cause sutures to fall and cause more bleeding. From the day after implant placement, gently rinse as prescribed by the doctor.
  3. The same day of surgery you should avoid brushing. However, from the next day you can start to brush your teeth gently. Of course, it’s important that you do not brush the area of ​​the mouth that has been operated.
  4. Is important to rest as much as possible on the same day of surgery. We recommend that you stop any strenuous activity for a week. In this way, we will avoid unforeseen complications related to bleeding, inflammation or pain.
  5. Tobacco is a big factor to the success of the implants in both the short and long term. This is not to say that all smokers necessarily experience the failure of their dental implants. However, the odds of complication are higher. Tobacco smoke irritates tissues, delays healing, and increases the risk of infection.

It is important to have good oral hygiene, especially when placing dental implants. It is also essential to comply with the schedule of checkups established by your dentist, as should be reviewed after a few months to ensure that the procedure passes without any difficulty.

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