Dental trends around the world that can be harmful for your oral health

4 Dental trends that can damage your teeth (Part II)


Dental trends that can be dangerous

We have talk about some dental trends in our first post, like: the Yae Ba, diastema, whitening junky, and grillz teeth. All this trends are based in aesthetic purposes, but that does not change that this are dangerous for our oral health.

Today you are going to know some more, actually you can find dental trends all over the world, in Japan, United States, Mexico, in Africa and also this subject is not something just modern, because in places like Mesopotamia and in the ancient Japan there used to be practiced something called Ohaguro or black teeth.

The dental trends as you can see were created for beauty standards, some of them are really problematic when we talk about the oral hygiene because it can develop into a big infection or in dental diseases like gingivities, cavities and more.

  • Diamonds embedded in the teeth

Jewerly teeth

Lana del Rey using dental jewerly.

Many actors, models, musicicans in hollywood follow this trend, it is very similar to having gold grillz, because is something fancy that few people can afford, some diamonds can be fake and other can be real gold jewerly, anyway this is bad for your health.

Famous people like Kylie Jenner, Tigga, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry, P!nk and Lana del Rey are some example of this dental trend.

Why is it so bad? Well, if you are not careful you can swallow the diamonds, or get intoxicated or have allergies, it is even worse if it is permanent, because the diamond can hide some bacteria and make more difficult the brushing. Jewerly should not be inside any mouth.

  • Tattoo in the teeth

Teeth tattoo

Teeth with tattoos in exhibition

This trend is not so common, it used to be followed years ago back in 2012, but it is not so popular this days. This is bad for your teeth enamel due to the ink placed in the tooth, this is why you can have a yellowish color teeth through time and sensitivity.

  • Led lights in the teeth

Teeth Led Lights

Till Lindemann in Rammstein concert.

This is something commonly used in concerts: both by the singers and by the public. Till Lindemann used this trend in his music video Ich Tu Dir Weh from his band Rammstein. It is used at night or in dark places, mostly in events of music. As we mention it is dangerous to insert any object inside your mouth, you can swallow it for example. But this is use just for beauty purposes.

  • Dental piercing

Dental piercing

This is a common trend in United States.

Maybe this is actually the most common dental trend, it is so dangerous as wearing a piercing in the tongue. It can get infected and develop other diseases. Do not wear it everyday in every moment, for example, you need to clean it and to also wash the area where it is placed.

This is something important to know because the oral area is so special and delicate. All this dental trends are unnatural and make more difficult the eating process and the cleaning. Remember to read all the possible things you need to know if you want to follow one of this trends and the risks.

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