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Myths about dental hygiene

Myths about dental hygiene

There are many myths about dental hygiene, some more known than others, but the main cause of this is the ignorance or disregard for oral health that have multiplied the wrong beliefs.

We share the most common myths about dental hygiene:

Myth 1: Women lose one tooth per pregnancy.

False. It was believed that women during pregnancy lost calcium to give to their child for the formation of their teeth and bones. But it has been proven that you have enough calcium deposits to form your child’s development and not have problems with your own teeth. The only dental problem that a pregnant woman can suffer is called “gestational gingivitis,” an inflammation of the gums caused by the hormonal disorder of this stage, which causes many women to avoid brushing due to nausea. However, this does not mean that there are dental losses because with good hygiene and controls this condition is improved.

Myth 2: After the age of 18 you should always remove the “wisdom teeth”.

False. The wisdom teeth generally appear since the age of 16. Sometimes they emerge causing pain, or they generate infections and it is necessary to extract them, but there are times that these, as part of the evolution, do not form or simply do not leave and do not cause pain or inconvenience, reason why its extraction is not necessary.

Myth 3: Your teeth are better cleaned if you use baking soda with brushing.

False. The hygiene with the toothbrush has to be especially with a paste with fluorine that is not abrasive, as it damages the enamel of the teeth. Baking soda damages the teeth, as it causes wear or abrasion on the tooth enamel. Avoid using it!

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