Most common diseases of the tongue due to unhealthy oral care

The most common tongue diseases

Tongue diseases

Tongue diseases

Tongue is actually the most important and sensitive part of your mouth, the tongue helps the process of chewing, swallowing, speech and sense of taste. If we do not take care of our mouth, we can get the most common tongue diseases.

Main symptoms of tongue diseases

  1. Yellowish color
  2. White color
  3. Brittle tongue
  4. Bad breath
  5. Taste problems

Most of the tongue diseases can develop into candidiasis, halitosis and tonsil stones, but a tongue infection can be related to other oral parts as the teeth or gums.

Why is so important to the care of your tongue? There are many reasons, for example, your tongue helps you to feel the flavors of every meal you eat, and also it serves to speak properly.

If you do not take care of it, eventually you will get halitosis or bad breath, or even worse. We will show you some of the main tongue diseases due to a wrong hygiene:

Hairy Leukoplakia

These disease manifests white spots accompanied by hair. This causes discomfort when eating hot foods. This is also one of the first signs of the virus VIH, and it is a viral infection.

Hairy leukoplakia

This disease makes your tongue bigger, this brings breathing difficulties, and also to chew and talk. This is a disease of congenital origin.


The tongue changes into a reddish color that produces pain and inflammation. This can cause burns if you consume alcohol, spicy food and tobacco.

Scarlet fever

This disease is similar to the glossitis, but the difference is that you suffer from fever. People usually call this: Strawberry tongue. This disease comes from a bacterial origin. Kids and adults can suffer from this oral problem.

Scarlet fever
If you have some of this symptoms or changes, contact our clinic to be attended by one of our specialists. We are located in Cancun, in the beautiful country of Mexico, our clinic have more affordable prices than US, Canada and Europe, and we always give the best results.

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