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What can cause bad breath and halitosis?

Bad breath

There are many reasons why you can have bad breath. Most of them are caused by the mouth.

For example, when you do not clean your mouth in a proper way, the bacteria and food can contribute to have bad breath, all this food can be accumulated in the tongue surface, between the teeth and gums.

One of this causes that we are going to talk about this time is called: Halitosis.

But does this means? What is halitosis? Well, it consists in bad breath, actually 40% percent of the population suffer from this disease. Most people can have this at last one time in their lifes.

Why you can have halitosis? We will tell you some of the reasons:

  1. Eat odorous food like onions and garlic.
  2. Wrong oral hygiene (like brush your teeth incorrectly) this accumulates the bacteria of the food.
  3. Gums disease.
  4. Alcohol and tobacco.
  5. Diseases inside your body, like acids in the stomach and liver, cancer, or diabetes.

What you can do to reduce bad breath?

  1. It is important to use not only a toothbrush, you also need mouthwash and dental floss. Because some food and bacteria can hide between your teeth.
  2. If you use dentures or dental implats, remove them every night and clean them, at least one or two times a day.
  3. You have to visit your dentist regularly to check your dental hygiene and breath.
  4. Brush your tongue to eliminate the bacteria.

If the problem continues above all this recommendations, you should check with your dentist if your bad breath its not related to a mayor injury or to a homeopathic disease.

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Bad breath

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