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Bad dental habits that can damage your children´s teeth

What bad dental habits can damage my children´s teeth? Most of the dental diseases in kids are developed since they were just babies. Actually 70% of children older than three years suffer from dental diseases, such as cavities for example, but also from candidiasis.

Maybe you are not worried by the moment, but there are certain habits that can cause dental damage for your children. Did you know that sucking your finger or sleeping with a bottle can be bad?

Here we will mention you some of the bad dental habits that can damage the teeth of your children:

Bad sucking habits

Dentists recommend to remove the pacifier after the two years, because this can cause an atypical swallowing, an open bite, and the deviation of the front teeth.

Giving to the baby crushed and soft food

You must give solid food to your baby, so he or she can chew it, this stimulates the gums and muscles so that the teeth can grow naturally. This also trains the muscle and the mobility of the tongue and the absorption of the teeth.

Sucking their finger

Of course there is nothing wrong to let them suck their teeth when they are babies, but as everything, there are limits, it is not recommended to let them suck their finger when they are three years old.

Put sugar in their baby bottle and pacifiers

This is bad habits made by the parents, because all kind of sugar can cause cavities in babies, and this is one of the most presented diseases in children. Also remember to clean your nipples before and after every feeding, and with a baby washcloth clean gently inside your baby´s mouth.

It is normal to do most of these things when they are little, but this is just a short period of time, because they need to grow and learn to look after their proper oral hygiene and nutrition. Remember that kids can be vulnerable to many dental diseases like: Gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities and candidiasis. To know more about the hygiene of your kids and babies, call a dentist from our dental directory in Mexico and schedule an appointment.

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