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Mistakes we make brushing our teeth

Since we were young, they taught us how to brush our teeth, but we also learned bad habits. One of the problems is that many times we don’t know them and we believe that our dental health is correct.

For this reason we invite you to read the following article in which, perhaps, you realize that many of our daily actions can cause damage to the teeth.

Brush your teeth after eating

It is normal that when we finish eating our food we go to brush our teeth, but the ideal is take some time before we brush, because if you brush your teeth you immediately after a meal you generate a damage in the enamel that has been weakened by the acids that exist in the foods we consume. We advise you to wait at least half an hour to brush and when you do, do it smoothly to avoid generating damage to the gum tissue and the dental enamel.

Brushing your teeth with great force

Some think it is right to exert a lot of force when brushing our teeth to remove all bacteria and leftovers, but this idea is wrong. A strong brushing can lead to damage to the enamel, in addition to causing gingival recession (gum damage). The brushing should be smooth, making small circular movements.

Brushing your teeth before taking something sweet or sour

This is not very common for us to do, but it is an action that we must take into account when taking care of our teeth. At the end of the routine of hygiene we will be spitting and rinsing with water, eliminating the salivary secretion that has the function of protecting the mouth from the acids of the mouth. At that moment our oral cavity will be defenseless. That is why we must allow half an hour before getting sour drinks again.

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