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Can bruxism affect my dental crowns?

When getting dental crowns for your smile is very important that the dentist treating you knows all the factors affecting your mouth. People with a lot of bite force on their jaw and people that suffer bruxism need to be very careful with their crowns.


What is bruxism? If you are waking up in the mornings with a headache or your jaw or teeth feel numb, then it is likely that you are suffering from teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Your partner could also tell you that you grind your teeth at night, making scratching noises. This is also another big clue that you are being affected by this condition. Bruxism places increased pressure on your teeth and the people most affected have theirs worn down;  the natural curves of the teeth would look filed and extremely straight. This could be problematic if you are looking to get a complete smile makeover with crowns.  There are about 30 million people in United States who suffer from bruxism.  More advanced signs of bruxism are, unfortunately, a combination of advanced damage, including generalized severe wear, bone loss, non-restorable broken teeth, and a history of broken teeth with resulting crowns and root canal treatments.


This is why the dentist will have to talk to you about your options to deal with the pressure on your crowns.  You will likely need to use a nightguard to go to sleep to protect your dental crowns. Also, you might have joint problems that will have to be addressed first! Our dentists in Cancun can give you a free evaluation to know if this is the right dental treatment for your case. This will be the first step to restore your smile and keep it that way! Remember that biting on hard food stuff could also chip or fissure your crowns so this is why you should be vary careful.


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