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Can you get dental decay if you already have a dental crown?

It is important to maintain good oral health, specially when you have a dental crown on your smile. This type of prosthesis can last between 10 and 20 years if it is well taken care of. But if you do not take care of yourself, they do not last long and can even cause a bigger problem… specially dental decay. The main advice you should follow is to maintain good oral health and visit the dentist regularly to keep your teeth and dental crown in the best condition.


Even though many would think you don’t have to worry anymore because your teeth are now porcelain there is still a risk of decay. The most vulnerable part for dental decay is the area where the edge of the dental crown meets the natural structure of the remaining tooth. If you do not maintain proper dental hygiene (by brushing and flossing) to remove the plaque that remains SPECIALLY in the gum line, you can develop a cavity in the underlying tooth and the root zone. Once the dental caries is created, it can progress rapidly into the tooth and reach under the dental crown, undermining the tooth that supports the crown. It will become a back door for caries and infections.


There are other factors that can give you problems with a dental crown, but  there are also solutions your dentist in Cancun can to do help. If dental caries is treated early, it is sometimes possible to use a simple dental filling to restore the damaged tooth. This can only be done when the entire cavity is accessible from the outside. If you had done a crown for aesthetic reasons and the nerve was untouched first… you might need to get a root canal (endodontic treatment), as well as a new crown. In most cases, a new dental crown must be manufactured to achieve a perfect seal and cover the remaining tooth properly.



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