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Can I still get braces if I have Dental Crowns?

While dental crowns can help you with the shape and form of your teeth, perhaps you only have a few dental crowns and not a complete smile makeover. You could have liked those teeth and there’s nothing wrong with them and you only need to fix their alignment. Usually, an orthodontic treatment will be first done before getting your smile makeover with crowns, but there are many cases where a patient had a root canal and a crown for health reasons and now that he or she wants to adjust the rest of the teeth they are unsure of what to do about.


We have some good news for you. There might be the need for a thorough examination from the dentists, it is likely that you can get the braces you need to fix some alignment on other of your teeth that are not crowns. Braces can be put on teeth with root canals and crowns, but they should be monitored during treatment and sometimes even moved a little slower.  This is why you will need a very experienced orthodoncist to make sure your treatment goes smoothly.


In short, tooth movement is limited when fixed braces are installed over dental implants or crowns. There is a possibility for crowns and bridges to incur damage during orthodontic treatment. Other cosmetic restorations may have to wait until after you finish your braces. This is also true for other types of prosthetics like fixed bridges and flippers.  Make sure to tell your dentist what plans you have for your smile!


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