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Dentists in Cancun recommend to use the water flosser to clean your dental implants

Dentists in Cancun recommend having good oral hygiene when performing the dental implant procedure, it is very important to avoid dental problems in the future.

People with dental implants are at risk for developing peri-implant mucositis, the most common cause is the buildup of bacterial biofilm. These bacteria irritate the gum tissue, causing it to become inflamed, damaging the tissue and if not caught early, causing the bone structure below the implant to deteriorate.

To avoid periodontal diseases is necessary to clean between and around teeth but the use of dental floss may not be possible for some types of implants. For these cases they have to use a water flosser daily to remove food debris around teeth and dental implants to keep them clean.

The frequently use of the water flosser makes it easier for remove plaque and bacteria, improve oral health and it is more effective for reducing gum diseases like gingivitis that provoke inflammation and bleeding in the gums.

The pulsating action of the water flosser helps patients to effectively clean difficult-to-access areas, such as those surrounding implants. The combination of pulsation and pressure removes bacterial biofilm.

Recent studies have shown the water flosser can remove up to 145% more debris than regular dental floss alone.

Just like your natural teeth, dental implants should be maintained if you wish to conserve them. Dental implants can strengthen your bite for years to come.

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