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Are inlays, onlays and overlays also types of crowns?

In many cases, your teeth might be in need of full restoration with crowns but it can also need just a partial restoration of its structure. Perhaps you got a small cavity and want to restore that part of the tooth. Is it possible? Well, in all cases, the dentist will have to take a good look at you, take digital x-rays to check the integrity of your teeth and then decide what’s the best course of action. Crowns are not the same as inlays, overlays or onlays. Crowns envelop the entirety of the tooth, while the later usually deal with a section.  The names are indicative of the form and space they will cover. They are made of different materials, usually porcelain or metal, but can also be made with a special composite filling that hardens. They can also be used to replace old or damaged metal fillings. In a way, they are more similar to veneers than to crowns, but fulfill almost the same function.


Inlay type restorations are indicated for premolars and molars with medium structure loss. Onlay restorations are usually indicated for premolars and molars with structural loss greater than a third of the surface area. In either case, if you want a porcelain inlay/onlay you would have to get impressions  to redo the missing form of the tooth and make sure it fits correctly. The complete procedure is carried out over two appointments within the same week so it fits neatly on your dental vacation schedule. Perhaps the affected area could also get a resin filling instead of porcelain. Your dentists will suggest you the best course of action and any other alternative treatment you might need.



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