Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Is Cancun a dangerous place for tourists? Is Mexico a safe country?

Is Cancun a dangerous place for tourists?

Mexico is a safe country to travel? Is Cancun dangerous for tourists?

Cancun is a wonderful destination for any tourist, because here you can find plenty of beaches, natural and aquatic parks, ecological reserves, the real Caribbean pirate ships, fancy malls, places to walk and do exercise like the “Kilometro 0” and the “Kabah Park”, and also this paradise itself is not so far away from another magnificent “wonderland”, we are talking about the Riviera Maya, that is surrounded by luxury hotels, natural parks like “Xcaret”, which is named as the best aquatic attraction in the entire world. And this is just one part of the experience, there are even more.

In fact every day life in Cancun tends to be very peaceful and enjoyable, especially when you travel to the “Zona Hotelera” or when you go to “Plaza las Americas” where we are located and this one of the most popular places for local citizens.

Some patients ask us if it is fine to go to Cancun or if they are not in danger, we always tell them that everything is going to be okay, because there is nothing to worry.

But lately media has been just talking about a minimal part of what Cancun really is, we can be sure of that because we have grown and lived in this place for most of our lives. And if we evaluate the comparison between the United States and Mexico, we can highlight that any big city or important place can have a bad reputation that has been spread or enlarged by the television or social media and networks, but the reality is not how they paint it.

If you focus just one side of anything you will see only that small part. But what about the rest of the greatest things you are excluding?

Despite this information, the consulate of the United States has warned tourists about traveling to Mexico at their own risk. The truth is that things are different from what the media says, because there are more good reasons to visits Mexico.

It is not a secret that United States also has dangerous cities, and no matter the size, the same thing happen in many other countries. Mexico for example has insecurity in some specific areas and cities, so as United States as we mentioned. But it is important to mention that our clinic is located in a big mall with security and cameras, and all around is safe. The center of Cancun is very peaceful and full of great activities, restaurants, supermarkets, and more.

Every single country has its own problems. Mexico is a safe place, and Cancun has extreme safety for tourists and citizens, because it is a main tourist destination. Our clinic has been working here for more than 20 years, we have enough experience and we will keep going changing smiles.

Cancun is a safe city to visit?

Yes. The media lives from the sale of sensationalist and pessimistic news; these journals follow an agenda, that is the reason why Cancun has been the center of attention when it comes about tourism, but the truth is that we are living very fine.   

If you come to Mexico to have fun in a safety way and if you take care of yourself like you always do, there is nothing to be afraid, we are Mexicans and we go to the beach, malls, restaurants, and we do daily activities.

We are going to tell you the way we see Mexico as citizens, because there are wonderful things to share with you!


One of our dear patients have a special message for you!


Awesome things in Mexico

  1. Friendly people, which is the most of us, there will always be good people ready to help and to smile. You can find kind persons in the market, in the taxi or Uber, in the beaches and hotels, downtown, and everywhere.
  2. In Mexico there is always something new to visit, like museums, water parks, archaeological places, beaches and cultural history centers.
  3. The security is anywhere, actually the government has reinforced the surveillance through militarization and police that patrol through Cancun and Mexico to safeguard the integrity of citizens.
  4. Things are changing and getting better, the government is responding to the pressure and demands of the citizens and tourists.
  5. Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries, full of history, colors, traditions, and most important: FOOD! We love to eat, have you ever taste the real tacos? Have you ever heard of pozole, huaraches, quesadillas, chiles en nogada, mole, or frijoles charros? The Mexican dishes are unique, you will never taste something so good.
  6. The art is an important subject, this is why the City of Mexico has countless museums with national and international art pieces. And also the music is amazing, actually Disney helped to take a look of our culture with its successful movie “COCO”.
  7. Our natural resources are the best, you can visit Xcaret, which was recognized as the best ecological, aquatic and natural park in the world. Or you can relax in the beaches of the Zona Hotelera, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Tulum. Here in Cancun we recommend you to walk in the center of the city and buy bikinis the Market 28 and Plaza Bonita.



Here is the real question: Is it worth visiting Mexico?

Yes. It totally worth it.

Mexico is beautiful and unique place to take pictures with your partner, your family or even to travel alone! You are always welcome anytime you want. Here in Cancun you can find five star, diamond and all-inclusive hotels that offers a complete service and security.

And if you are looking for a Mexican dental vacation, contact us! We will be glad to help you and to make you smile!


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