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Oral diseases affect my quality of life

Oral health affects people physically, psychologically and influences how they grow, enjoy life, look, speak, chew, taste food and socialize.

According to the Canadian Academy of Periodontology, people with periodontal disease are at greater risk of heart disease and have twice the risk of having a fatal heart attack than people without this. Gum disease from extended bacterial exposure can lead to cardiovascular disease as it may increase the inflammation level throughout the body. Inflammation is a major risk factor for heart disease.

Cavities reduces from children the qualify of life, affects their nutrition, growth and weight gain, alters sleeping habits, among others.

Complications such as missing teeth, edentulous and poorly fitting dentures, can make it more difficult and painful for older adults to chew and swallow food. As a result, they may choose softer, easier to chew foods that are often high in saturated fats or cholesterol and lacking nutrients, especially when compared to fresh fruits and vegetables, and it also can affect their relationships and self-esteem.

Malocclusion can lead to broken teeth and even tooth loss. There are several causes of malocclusion: mismatch between jaw size and size of teeth, congenital loss of or missing teeth and thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habit. The treatment involves orthodontics, including options like braces. Malocclusion can affect psychologically children, teenagers and adults because people without a normal occlusion are judgement like less attractive and intelligent.


Stress may impact on your oral health, such as bruxism or teeth grinding, it is a common sleep disorder. People affected with bruxism often grind their teeth or clench their jaw during sleep and wake up with a severe headache and tooth pain. Any disruption of a valuable good night’s sleep can have adverse effects on the sufferer and lead to further issues like fatigue, irritability and have drastic effects on happiness and quality of life.

If you have any dental problems, we suggest to visit immediately your dentist and follow his advertisements to improve your quality of life. Make your appointment right now.

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