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Save your tooth with root canal!

Do you have any tooth pain or discomfort? You need to visit your dentist immediately to prevent a bad infection in your mouth or increase the toothache which may lead to tooth loss. One of the most effective treatments to repair and save an infected or damaged tooth, is a root canal.

How can you know if your tooth is infected?

You may feel pain after eating cold or hot foods, if you ignore this symptom the infection could expanding and cause swelling of the gums and some cases, you may have and abscessed tooth, if it happened you require a root canal treatment immediately.SAVE YOUR TOOTH WITH ROOT CANAL!

If you have a tooth infection, your endodontist will first take x-rays to find where is located and proceed with the treatment. Depending your situation, dentist will prescribe an antibiotic for the infection.

A root canal can last a lifetime if you have the proper care. A dentist endodontist removes the pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the area thoroughly and then filling it with gutta-percha material and sealing it off with cement. After the procedure, he or she will place a dental crown to cover your damaged teeth.

If you leave your tooth without treatment, a deep cavity can infected the tissue surrounding the tooth and the pulp will be affected and will result in an abscess. When you have an abscess that affect your bone, the tooth will likely fall or need to be removed.root canal

Some people think that Root Canal is extremely painful but it is false. Modern techniques and technology have helped physicians perform most of dental treatments comfortably and with effective results. You might experience discomfort and soreness afterwards but these should be able to be managed with over the counter pain killers.

In our clinic we have the most advanced technology in equipment, top notch facilities, certified and qualified doctors and the most important, we will provide the best attention that you ever had.

If you have any question about root canal or any dental trouble, don’t hesitate and send us a message.

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