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Can I do a teeth whitening treatment even if I have dental crowns?

One of the main worries in the long run for people who have dental crowns (or are thinking on getting them) is if they will be able to get a successful teeth whitening treatment. Our Cancun dentist will explain all the details to each patient on what they might expect, but in general the answer is a yes with several factors to take into account.


First of all, dental crowns are not affected by teeth whitening in the same sense as normal teeth. They won’t get whiter.  The problem arises when your natural teeth start getting stained by coffee, wine and other beverages or food with lots of dark pigment. In this case, the whitening will only affect the natural teeth, leaving them to the same (or almost the same) color tone as the original crowns.


Dental crowns can be made out several materials like porcelain and zirconia. There are also dental crowns made of  a combination of metal and porcelain that are more affordable and also long lasting, although the color doesn’t always look as natural. These are a good option for restorations of the posterior teeth like molars and premolars that won’t be shown a lot when you smile. You can save a couple hundred dollars by choosing porcelain and metal crowns this way.  Zirconia and some types of porcelain have the advantage that they have a slight transparency on the edge, just like the enamel of natural teeth. This gives it a superior look over the metal crowns but obviously this means the price is just a little bit higher.


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