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What can cause teeth sensitivity?

Does your teeth hurt when you eat or drink cold things? Well, today we are going to tell you some facts or reasons why you are suffering from teeth sensitivity.

But first, what is dental sensitivity?

It is like an oral discomfort due to the exposure of the dentine, this happens when your teeth are in contact with sweets, cold drinks and hot food. The dentine is the internal part of the teeth, sometimes you can feel brain freeze.

What can cause tooth sensitivity?

1. Temperature changes

When you have teeth sensitivity, you will always feel pain in your teeth because of cold drinks, and also hot things like coffee, this is why is better to consume neutral drinks and food, wait till them are more comfortable for your mouth.

2. Acid products

This provokes dental erosion in the enamel, and also halitosis and bruxism, actually patient who has from bulimia suffer from this disease due to all the stomach acids they vomit.

3. Whitening toothpaste

This kind of paste are damaging to your teeth enamel and can cause problems in the tooth surface, if you use them everyday. Actually the natural color of every teeth is a little bit yellow, but most of the people relates white color with more healthy teeth.

4. Dental wear

The teeth enamel serves to protect, its function is to avoid dirtiness, if it is damaged, then the bacteria can easily reach the nerve.

What you can do to fix your teeth?

  1. Avoid clenching your teeth, actually stressful situations can make you nervious, this produces bruxism. But also practicing an sport can give you pressure in your mouth.
  2. Also avoid the consumption of acid drinks and food. It is important to mention that some smokers say that they also suffer from sensitivity due to the damage of their teeth enamel.
  3. Do not brush you teeth roughly
  4. Schedule and appointment with a doctor, we have the best dentist in Mexico, with more affordable prices than abroad, and we always offer the same quality.

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