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What should you do to care for your dental crowns?

The care and cleaning of your mouth after the placement of your dental crowns and bridge prostheses is your responsibility when you go back home. Some patients think that because they got new porcelain teeth they don’t need to worry about dental decay anymore but this far from the truth. Plaque build up is still happening at the edge of the crowns and the tooth which can make the gum recede and eventually reaching the root of the tooth. This is a “backdoor” for bacteria to create cavity. This is why you should take great care to  follow these instructions to keep them in good condition:

• Use  dental floss at least once a day before brushing to unclog food from any space between the teeth and the crown.
• Brush your teeth 3 times a day after your main meals.
• Use mouthwash after each brush.
• It is explicitly forbidden to eat hard foods such as ice, nuts, biting pencils, nails and some other hard material, as well as chewy, viscous foods and similar substances. These could damage the outer later of your crown!
• You must use a night guard to protect your new crowns, specially if you had problems with bruxism before.
• You should see the dentist every 6 months for a checkup. Whether you come to us or your dentist back in USA, you need to give it professional maintenance and a check up to ensure your mouth has no other problems.
• If you have a crown bridge you should prevent food from accumulating underneath it, which would cause affectation in the support tissues (gums and tooth root). As we said before the accumulation of food and / or bacteria can cause tooth decay and / or periodontal disease, leading to the loss of prosthesis.
• It is recommended to buy a device called oral irrigation (waterpick) that shoots water under pressure to be able to perfectly wash your new prosthesis and crowns in along with the first 3 points mentioned above.
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